Crutcher Scott Field 


General Admission

General Admission : $90.00


Processing fees for season tickets are $5.00 per ticket, online and at the box office.


All Sales are final.


The ACU Athletics Ticket Office cannot guarantee tickets as valid from any source other than ACU. To avoid problems
with invalid tickets, please purchase directly from this site, or the ACU Athletics Ticket Office.

ACU makes, and has made, no warranties or representations about the rights of ACU season ticket account holders with
respect to season tickets or the renewal of same; ACU expressly denies and disclaims the existence of any such rights,
and renewal of all season tickets from year to year is at the sole and absolute discretion of ACU.

ACU Athletics tickets are intended for use primarily by the original purchaser. ACU reserves the right to review all
transactions and revoke tickets from any account determined by ACU, in its sole discretion, to be a violation of ACU
policies or intent. No refund, exchange or credit will be given


Additional game day benefits such as priority parking, and other gifts are available to Wildcat Club members based on donation level. For information on the Wildcat Club membership benefits and giving levels, please email tickets@acu.edu or call 325.674.2287. Wildcat Club donors are strongly encouraged to make their gifts prior to the donation deadline in order to maximize their giving level and benefits.